RULOC Online survey is an extension of Kwetso Foundation COVID-19 initiatives. The survey is aimed at acquiring data on COVID-19 from rural local communities. We understand that in a situation of a vicious virus like we are experiencing currently, continuous education, sharing of information including acquiring of knowledge about the pandemic by the rural local communities is of critical importance.  We are of the opinion that sharing of information is vital to all sectors (i.e. labour, civil society, government and private), as this affects the wellbeing of the nation and the future of our country.

Our deepest conviction and believing in our government agenda of Nation Building, Social Cohesion and Patriotism has motivated Kwetso Foundation to conceptualize and develop the mechanism or ways in which sustainable solutions can be designed pre emergence of problems during such trying times for our country and the nation at large.

As part of South African nation and democratic government that its foundation was built on the founding philosophy and principles of the Ubuntu, we had to pragmatically contribute towards the efforts to overcome COVID-19 and not be spectators and armchair critics.

To that effect a study survey initiative was conceived and termed: Rural Local Communities COVID -19 Survey in short RULOC COVID -19 Survey.

This Rural Local Community Covid-19 (RULOC) survey is aimed at sourcing more information from residents in rural and under-developed areas in South Africa, as far as the knowledge and understanding of COVID-19 Pandemic; (Corona Virus); is concerned.

Kwetso Foundation also aims to extend this survey to people living in the cities, who continually engage with their relatives/households who reside in rural and disadvantaged areas.

RULOC survey objective is to find out if government interventions that are being currently implemented in rural areas to curb the COVID-19 spread, are effective and sufficiently achieving the objectives.

As a Foundation, we also want to identify potential gaps and development areas in these strategies and to come up with recommendations to ensure that communities in rural areas are fully protected against COVID-19 spread.

The rationale of this survey is influenced by the prevailing socio-economic conditions that vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in rural areas are currently faced with and the adverse impact that COVID -19; (also known as corona virus); spread can have in these communities if not sufficiently and adequately avoided.

We aim to engage rural local communities constructively and objectively with the purpose of finding sustainable solutions to the problems and challenges at hand.

Certainly, the study -survey findings and recommendations would be informative and provide possible answers, clarities and strategies to correct what needs to be corrected in a very effective and efficient way, through the principle of community, public and private partnerships.

This study-survey project is a sign of Kwetso Foundation’s commitment to ensure that the building of the nation including education of our people as part of community development cannot be a government alone responsibility.

The findings will assist our government in planning and execution of targeted interventions for rural local communities; not only for the corona virus; but to also address development areas of service delivery.

The study will in a form of an online survey. The data will be analyzed and shared accordingly with relevant parties.

We are in concurrence with the notion that says ‘ a knowledgeable nation, is a protected nation’.