The Covid-19 pandemic has high-lighted other varied pandemics that have been prevailing for years in diverse economies, South Africa included.

Even though these pandemics have had dampening effects in the lives of the masses for a longest time, they have been treated and upheld as a norm since forever. This is disheartening and disenchanting.

When Covid-19 pandemic arrived, we have noticed how governments strategically moved to fight against this pandemic, mobilizing every possible resource attainable. The question is why? Is it because Covid-19 pandemic affected everyone and not a particular race or demography? How hypocritical!

What about other pandemics that have been in existence and still continue to plaque nations?

Why have we not been seeing the same enthusiasm and responsiveness towards these pandemics as well?

The Covid-19 pandemic is an eye-opener for everyone to ‘really’ see the pandemics that have been prevailing all these years and normalized as standards of living for nations.

Gender-based violence is a pandemic that has been terrorizing communities for decades. It is primarily driven by pride that makes someone to see themselves as superior and having a right to inflict pain or even kill the other person just because they can.

We hear a lot of noise every time this ill-behaviour surfaces and then the silence follows. Prevention is better than cure. Actions speak louder than words. Can we see the same level of enthusiasm and aggression against the Covid-19 pandemic shown here as well?

Can women and children as the main targets of gender-based violence, see decisiveness and tangible actions from the government and the society at large?

Racism is another disturbing phenomenon. It is a detrimental disease of showing less concern for the life of someone who is of a different race. It diminishes the essence of humanity. Racism emanates from the pride that considers other people as worth-less and un-deserving, just because they are different.

In-equality is a pandemic that lowers the standard of life of other people at the expense of uplifting the living standards of others. Prejudice, stereotypes, bias and discrimination are perpetual pandemics enabling in-equality.

Corruption is another pandemic that robs nations of a good life that God has envisioned for people. Nations are crippled by unnecessary poverty due to a group of people that have declared themselves as entitled to more than other people. It is disheartening that corruption is gradually becoming a norm and a complacency that is being perpetrated without remorse and shame. We observe perpetrators of corruption carrying on without any consequence.

Has anyone looked around and noticed the aftermath and the ruin that corruption has caused in nations over the years?

It is time for a strong will, collaboration and solidarity against all these sorts of pandemics that continue to ruin our nation of South Africa.  We can start by fighting violence against women and children every day and not only during a few days in a year.

Kwetso Foundation holds a solid stance against any kind of discrimination through our organizational behaviours. We continue to promote racial harmony and gender resonance as moral imperatives towards achieving economic justice for everyone.

We want to urge every member of society, to take a stand against each and every one of these pandemics. It is the right thing to do.

The struggle goes on, until every nation is free indeed!

An article by Esther Lengwasa (Secretary of Kwetso Foundation Board)