Freedom Day Celebration during the Covid-19 Crisis

Freedom Day Celebration during the Covid-19 Crisis

Gideon Mahlangu




Our country; South Africa; on this month of April 2020, marks the 26th anniversary celebration since the attainment of freedom and democracy. Historically recorded; the true facts and realities are known nationally, regionally, continentally and globally on how our beautiful country navigated to freedom and democracy. It is known how our beautiful land was saturated with very deep racial hatred, horrendous living conditions and inhumanity that many black Africans minds and souls had to endure. There is no need to dwell into known historical facts. If we do, we will reflect a regress mind instead of being appreciative to what has been achieved so far through various interventions, programmes and initiatives that strived to build a united, non racial and prosperous nation that we are today. On the contrary, this does not suggest ignorance on the importance of history in a human life. It is indisputable that there are still enormous challenges in our country. However, the struggle and agenda of Nation Building continues.

Freedom Day Celebration (27th April 2020)

As a country, we celebrate freedom day; 27th April of 2020; very different to all the years since the attainment of freedom and democracy on the 27th April 1994. The manner in which we celebrate and remember this special day this year as a nation, is not out of our personal choice.

We celebrate and remember this freedom day with unsettled minds, continuous self- conversations and questioning souls, because of fear and uncertainty of the future. All this is because our celebration as a nation is different this year. There are no gatherings, no songs of joy, ululations and eagerness to listen to our President His Excellency Cyril Ramaphosa; some with eyes glued to their televisions and others listening to radios. However, Freedom day celebration and remembrance will continue to infinity in our hearts. It remains a critical and important day because of the role it played in freeing black African people from the shackles of segregation, inhumanity and oppression.

This year, we celebrate Freedom day differently. Some of us are bowing our heads to show respect, others with heads and hands up, looking for divine intervention from the unknown and unknowable Creator (God) and the Holy Heavens.

The unknown vicious virus Corona; popularly known as Covid-19; you have made us to honour this special day in our hearts differently, not out of our personal choice, but because of you. One is tempted to say, this should be a National Moral and Godly question to our country. Why, why Lord?

South Africans today the 27th April 2020, instead of being together as a rainbow nation, all races together celebrating Freedom Day, we have locked ourselves in our homes separately, with fear and uncertainties of the future.

The beautiful women of my beloved country and Mamas, cannot ululate and celebrate Freedom day, because their mouth are at all times obliged to be covered with masks as a prevention measure for the spread of the unknown vicious virus, that emanate from the land of Asia ;as they claim.

My African people cannot narrate to each other, the historical events of 27th April 1994 in shopping complexes and malls, because of the social distancing regulations to prevent the spread of corona virus, a measure of compliance put in place by our government. Today, no South African can raise their small country flag, as a sign of celebration of the Freedom day. Our hands are subjected to continuous washing and sanitizing. Oh! Corona Virus, how cruel you are.

My beloved ancestral land; South Africa and your nation; you have proven today that indeed your wings are clipped and power you don’t have.

Houses of prayer are closed; not out of the choice and decision of the institutional leadership; but because of you; Corona virus.

Corona, do you really exist? You are indeed a miracle before the eyes of my fellow African people!

You have closed taverns, pubs and escort agencies. No alcohol drinking, no smoking, no crime committed and prostitution, including manufacturing factories have ceased to pollute the environment.

Indeed, can one blame me when I say; Mother Nature is breathing out all the sins that we have been committing as people. What is happening, is it indeed only Covid-19 or is there a spiritual connotation?


As we remember and celebrate Freedom Day in our hearts and minds, let’s have hope that we will victor like how we triumphed over oppression, segregation, racial hatred and crime against humanity.

Let’s all comply with rules and regulations put in place by our democratic government, so that together we can overcome this challenge and go back to our normal life; to a clean, unpolluted and fresh environment.

Rise Afrika, Rise Motherland

Rise Afrika, Rise South Africa, the blessed and gifted soil

Rise Afrika for you are God’s and Ancestors’ owned rich soil.

Lest we forget, how we have attained Freedom and Democracy…

Long live the spirits of struggle Heroes and Heroines!

I thank you all.