Stay Healthy,Stay Away From Substance Abuse (SHSASA) Programme

Stay Healthy,Stay Away From Substance Abuse (SHSASA) Programme

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As our name means to End, we have conceptualized the programme: Stay Healthy, Stay Away from Substance Abuse (SHSASA) to see ourselves playing a critical role in addressing  and ending this serious social challenge of substance abuse. This social challenge cannot be addressed without encouraging youth to strive to live a healthy life.

It is our strong belief that a nation with unhealthy youth who have no interest in sports, health and wellness is a future doomed nation. Many research findings and statistics of our country have indicated how youth are victims of substance abuse and not striving to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

In most cases these tendencies are reflected to have been caused by various social and economic factors. It is for this reason that the general society and various organizations must join hands with government to fight this challenge and liberate our youth from bondages of subsatnce abuse.

We have discovered that sports is amongst interventions we can use to promote and motivate youth to live a healthy lifestyle, refrain and refuse to be victims of substance abuse.

As Kwetso Foundation, we have developed this programme as one of the mechanisms or initiatives forming part of government efforts to fight this social challenge and others.

The Stay Healthy, Stay Away From Substance Abuse (SHSASA) Programme is a sign of our commitment to join hands with government, its agencies and the private sector to fight social ills that confront youth daily and change the mind and attitude to positivity at all times despite the social and economic challenges that confront them.

Nature of the programme

The programme is conceptualized to comprise of various sporting activities of soccer, netball, cricket, tennis, indoor games, marathon and chess. These activities will accommodate both males and females.

All these sports activities will be in a form of competitions or tournaments with the awards of prizes. The initiative will continue throughout the year but its official launch is this year 2018. Every activity will be organized according to the identified area’s social and economic challenges, youth sporting code interests including the available sport facilities. The primary aim is to ensure that the programme (SHSASA) draws much support and interest of many young people in the identified areas and that the message is well received by the intended recipients’ and a positive impact is made.

In every area where we implement the programme, the winner(s) of the sporting code competition, either an individual or a team will become Ambassadors of SHSASA who will work with us Kwetso Foundation in continuing doing the good work of liberating youth from social ills bondages.

Continuous support and monitoring will be provided to assess the work progress and impact. This continuous support and work will include workshops, talk-shows and initiatives that will keep youth mind working to think positively and change the attitude. Read more