Kwetso means the end (Setswana). We are Kwetso Foundation (KF), founded and established with the fundamental primary role to ensure that we execute our business responsibilities with utmost sense of integrity, accountability and reliability. Furthermore, to ensure that at all times indeed we are and continue to be the true reflection of the meaning of our name.

Our focused efforts as Kwetso Foundation are geared towards empowering marginalized and vulnerable communities to restore their self-worth and self-reliance. Kwetso Foundation has been established primarily to contribute towards the struggle to end some of the pressing socio-economic challenges facing societies in our country today. The name ‘Kwetso’ means ‘Ending’. Our material theme as an organization is to truly reflect the meaning of our name and strive to end as much as possible societal ills that continue to confront communities, especially in rural and under-developed areas around our country of South Africa. Our realization is that our failure to exist and form part of the concerted efforts in the socioeconomic struggle in our communities is equal to contributing towards increasing socio-economic challenges. With our actions, we are driven to contribute positively towards our country’s Nation Development Plan that is aligned to government strategic plans, policies and initiatives. Integrity, accountability and reliability are the heart of our organizational model. Humanity underscores every project we embark on as a Foundation.

We continue to reconfigure our approach as we move along focusing on scalable pragmatic solutions to optimally achieve what we aim for as a Foundation. As an organization, we aim to integrate in all our endeavors communities, young people, government initiatives as well as the private sector to harness concerted efforts to achieve tangible results. Our organizational trajectory is geared towards empowerment of young people and women especially in under-developed areas and previously denied communities. We also collaborate with our stakeholders to ensure what we do is invaluable and socially significant to add maximum value to beneficiaries of our different programmes.

We are compelled as a Foundation to take part and be counted among those who make an affirmative and meaningful difference in communities of our country. Our endeavours are driven by a sense of purpose to enhance our effectiveness as a Foundation. We fully comprehend that these are fierce times and we cannot afford complacency. There is so much to be done in our communities hence Kwetso Foundation is inclined to be part of what is going on.

 We are people-orientated, driven and a motivated organization that strongly believes that we need to be the development and the change we wish and seek to see taking place. Quality of life is integrated throughout our value chain and we wish to transfer that to different facets of our programmes. Kwetso Foundation wants to ensure that what we contribute is meaningful and sound and yields distinct positivity that fulfills our mission and drive.

Core Values

  • Humanity
  • Visionary
  • Focus
  • Commitment,Dedication
  • Transparency and Integrity


Humanity, Development,Empowerment and Success


Continuous dedication and commitment to fight socioeconomic challenges and injustices

Strategic Objectives

  • To be a strategic and critical partner in the socioeconomic struggle.
  • Community development and empowerment.
  • Instill the culture of self-reliance and independence among local communities and youth.
  • Capacity Building.
  • To play a pivotal role in the governance policy lobby and advocacy.
  • To partner with government, public and private sector in the socioeconomic struggle and nation building agenda.
  • To promote and implement education,training and skills development initiatives and programmes in partnership with government and the private sector.
  • Promote and implement health and sports initiatives and awareness campaigns.
  • To continue conducting research on various Social,Economic,Education and ICT sectors to innovate solutions to the challenges that continue to confront the broader society.
  • To play a pivotal role in the transformation agenda and women empowerment.
  • To play a pivotal role in the social and economic well being of the local communities in the rural and underdeveloped areas and townships.