The Value We Put On The Well-being Of Women And Children


The Value We Put On The Well-being Of Women And Children

Women and children molestation is as serious as global warming and warrants even more attention. It is not an African problem; it is a global threat to Humanity. Perpetrators must be handled as people opposing Humanity. Much as leaders are up arms fighting global warming, so must that aggression and passion be directed towards everyone molesting women and children.

Molestation of women and children must be treated as a state of emergency by global leaders in parliaments, churches and every forum and platform there is.

Every nation must fight women and children abuse just as they are fighting slavery, hunger, racial discrimination, corruption, plaques and viruses.

Young people must exert the same passion they put towards free education and stand up against women and children molestation. Men must fight women molesters much as they march and fight against low salaries and for economic transformation. Women must unite and fight like they fought for women liberation in 1956. Women and children are human beings and have the right to be here.

It is time to take a stance against crime exerted on women and children. The noise must not be reserved for August, October and November months only. It must be an every moment thing! Criminals molesting women are in our homes, in our churches, at workplaces, in our parliament, in our communities and everywhere else. The message must be clear; ‘you have no place in our society’.

There must be laws against music and social media comments undermining the dignity of women. These must be treated with same seriousness as racial comments. It is time to stop tip-toeing around issues of abuse.

Children are our future. Women nurture and take care of these children. Therefore women are our future. If someone abuse and kills a woman, they are literally destroying our future. This action is beyond crime and is unforgivable.

Kwetso Foundation strongly opposes and condemns any action of abuse against women and children either physically or otherwise. As a Foundation, we refuse to be associated with anything or anyone who undermines the dignity and wellbeing of women and children. We embrace women and children. #lovewomenandchildren, #embracewomenandchildren, #childrenareourfuture, #womenareournation, #itistime, #takeastance.


Esther Lengwasa

Secretary, Kwetso Foundation


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