Afrika Month Celebration Statement-May 2020

‘During hard and trying times, Afrika rises. We celebrate you Africa, our Rich Motherland’

The rich motherland Afrika, we are celebrating you and your existence this month of May; as we have in many other years. We celebrate you Afrika, because you are the Heavenly-God chosen and blessed soil. Your blessed and chosen status has been proven by your ongoing victory in many eras of life’s struggles, starting from ancient slavery and colonization.

This year ;Afrika; you are celebrated during very difficult and trying times where, yourself and the entire globe; are facing an unforeseen challenge of being stricken by a vicious virus called Corona, popularly known as COVID -19. This miraculous virus has brought human activities to a pause. Without any force or pressure; your beautiful sons and daughters’ minds are being compelled into a soul and spiritual search as well as introspection and self-conversations.

We shall forever celebrate you; Mother-Afrika. We very well understand; without fear, favour and prejudice; the critical and central role you continue to play in the wellbeing of the globe. READ MORE

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