Sophy Lengwasa

Deputy Chairperson of the Board

The 2021 Local Municipal Elections

The process of elections foundationally affirms the substance of democracy and the rights as well as the power that the residents in the country can leverage, to assert who they want to oversee their interests in varied facets of their lives.

Electing a government; whether national or local; is an opportunity given to every legal resident of a country or an area to appoint or select leaders they trust and have confidence in, to represent their interests.

Exercising a right to vote, is about leveraging the power to end ill governance, corruption, incompetence, poverty, crime, poor quality of life, poor service delivery as well as economic ruin.

Ethical governance, robust integrity and accountability are crucial and central to sound governance. The process of elections gives residents an opportunity to elect individuals who model traits that resonate with these values. It is common knowledge the economic ruin and social sabotage that are perpetuated by poor governance, immorality, lack of accountability and dishonesty.

It is imperative for every resident who is eligible to vote, to grab this opportunity with both hands to augment the status quo. The youth, being the pivot of communities are called upon to vote in the upcoming local municipal elections. By participating in the elections, youth are given an opportunity to register their sentiments and choices of a government, as legal residents in South Africa.

Kwetso Foundation endorses the theme of the election process and the fundamentals of voting for the leadership of choice. This organization also concurs with the sentiment of inclusion of women in leadership and governance.

There is abundant evidence showing that women can be impeccable leaders in any setting of governance. Women in leadership have modelled robust governance, integrity and ethical fundamentals over the years. Governments that exclude, marginalize and disempower women are regrettably defaulted into a posture of detriment and peril.

There is profound evidence that confirms that wise governments that have included women in the positions of power and leadership over time, have seen economic emancipation, robust growth, political integrity and appropriated solid social content.

Kwetso Foundation has been accredited by the IEC (Independent Electoral Commission) for election observation in the upcoming local elections on the 1st of November 2021. Kwetso Foundation will be participating in the elections observation process during the local municipal elections on the 1st of November 2021, to observe and give feedback to the IEC.

Kwetso Foundation would like to urge South Africans to go out and leverage their right to vote, youth particularly. We believe this is the only way to win and make a tangible distinction.

God bless South Africa and all its people.

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