Mr Gideon Mahlangu

Chairperson of the Board


2021 Statement by the Board Chairperson

Having triumphed over the formidable year of 2020, the matriculants have proven to be distinctively resilient indeed. The social circumstances they all faced were inconceivably challenging, but they came out stronger and steadfast. This is evidenced by the matric results they have managed to achieve amid such a trying year of the covid-19 pandemic.

Kwetso Foundation finds it compelling to acknowledge the tremendous strength that these students have modeled throughout the un-precedented difficult year of 2020 until to the end.

On behalf of Kwetso Foundation, the Chairperson of the Board; Mr Gideon Mahlangu; would like to congratulate the Matric class of 2020. It takes a robust effort and core diligence to achieve such results given the circumstances. A great gratitude is extended to all teachers nationally, for the crucial and exponential contribution they have put in, to deliver such 2020 academic results, amid formidable challenges they too had to face.

We are pleasingly encouraged as an organization, to observe such dedication and a diligent wrestle pioneered by teachers nationally as well as the support by the government and the society at large.

Social solidarity has proven to be hugely significant for us to win as a nation.

Let us continue to embrace and support every student within our communities to stimulate prosperity.

‘It takes a village to nurture, preserve and encourage a child. This is to cement a steadfast and a solid nation for the future’.

Kwetso Foundation would like to wish the Matric class of 2020, a huge success in their every endeavour currently and in the future.We also encourage those who did not do well, to try again in 2021. We all have been given another chance in this New Year of 2021 to do just that.

Once again, congratulations to the matriculants for the great endeavour.

Good luck everyone for the journey ahead!

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